Gas tank and Megahatch – 5/25/16

Today we took a look at the megahatch we ordered from Recreational Mobility and we worked on the gas tank. We pressure tested the tank with water and some lime had built up on this tube. Must have been some type of galvanic corrosion that attracted the lime?  Anyway, we needed to descale it so…

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Taking the hull to get painted – 5/20/16

Took the hull to get painted! We’re going to use this paint – white color on the trailer, ready to go! Rihn DR109 that was in the shop Laminate wing spar for the Dr109 – good to +/- 20 G’s Can we modify the Searey rudder to look like this? 469 total views, 2 views today

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R.Wing – Riveted leading Edge + L.Wing work 4/20/2016

We had been short of SBL-44 rivets and ordered some more so now we could finish riveting the leading edge on the right wing.  We also got the left wing drilled, deburred, and ready to rivet. Adding clecoes to the right wing before riveting Cut the tabs and screw to the wing rib inboard on…

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Brake Bleeding, tailwheel changing, and Flying – 4/17/2016

Today we worked on Ethan’s other plane, a 1982 Wag-a-Bond.  He had skis on it this winter and needed help bleeding the brakes when he took the skis off. Remove the cap from the master cylinder, unscrew the small bleeder screw from the bleeder seat/fitting/adapter on the bottom of the brake caliper (**not the larger…

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L.Wing – install truss, leading edge – 4/11/2016

We worked 3.5 hours on the left wing today. Installing the wing rib trusses Installing the aileron torque tube collar Tracing the wing ribs and wing cuff support angles on the inside of the wing for drilling patterns. 683 total views, 1 views today

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L.Wing – install trailing edge cuff – 4/8/2016

Here’s what we worked on.  The trailing edge cuff looks like a piece of rain gutter.  It protects the spar and helps close the gap between the ailerons/flaps and the wing.  You get it in position, drill some holes, take it off and debur the holes, then eventually rivet it in place. Mark the center…

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