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Ran wires in wings, trial fit UAT antenna – 7/28/17

Here’s the ADS-B UAT antenna. Ran a bunch of wires and hoses for current and future stuff. Lights, Angle of Attack, Pitot/Static hoses, ADS-B, electrical for strut mounted cameras, etc. This is a bolt that you don’t want to remove.  The anti-sweep cable is attached to that bolt inside the wing and it is under…

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Trial fit wings – 7/15/17

Thanks to Sam Hurley for helping us, we needed 3 people! It’s a good idea to try putting the wings on before you fabric cover them.  It helps you remember anything that is missing! No wings yet One wing on The plane will tip over with only one wing attached. Both wings on! 672 total views,…

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Drilling light holes in wingtips and wing finishing – 7/4/2017

Today we drilled the light holes in the wingtips.  We are using Aveoflash LED strobe wingtip lights and they provide you a pattern.   Made a new tail jack from a Harbor Freight Transmission jack. Also cleaned off the workbench, usually it is piled with stuff…           641 total views, 0 views today

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Wing wiring and Anti-compression sleeves – 6/25/217

We noticed that if you put the recommended torque of 60-70 inch lbs on the fuselage tube bolts, that they start to deform. We used a clamp to make them round again and created some anti compression sleeves for the bolts so that we could torque them. We did this with plastic tubes. We should…

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R.Wing – Riveted leading Edge + L.Wing work 4/20/2016

We had been short of SBL-44 rivets and ordered some more so now we could finish riveting the leading edge on the right wing.  We also got the left wing drilled, deburred, and ready to rivet. Adding clecoes to the right wing before riveting Cut the tabs and screw to the wing rib inboard on…

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L.Wing – install truss, leading edge – 4/11/2016

We worked 3.5 hours on the left wing today. Installing the wing rib trusses Installing the aileron torque tube collar Tracing the wing ribs and wing cuff support angles on the inside of the wing for drilling patterns. 1,693 total views, no views today

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L.Wing – install trailing edge cuff – 4/8/2016

Here’s what we worked on.  The trailing edge cuff looks like a piece of rain gutter.  It protects the spar and helps close the gap between the ailerons/flaps and the wing.  You get it in position, drill some holes, take it off and debur the holes, then eventually rivet it in place. Mark the center…

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L.Wing – install wingtip – 4/3/2016

  Drill and cleco. We used a lot of our 40 copper clecoes.  This must be what building an RV is like. 🙂   Strap the wingtip on, install the aileron and check the spacing.  It needs 1/8″ clearance between the wingtip and aileron.  We’ve got a 1/8″ thick piece of plastic sheet taped in…

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L.Wing – Lower ribs and rib supports – 3/31/2016

Today we installed the lower wing ribs and the wing supports. We used the same wing rib support lengths as on our right wing. 6.125″ for #10, 7.357″ for #1 – 1/8″ increments Combination of pretend flying and wanting to prove that we didn’t build 2 left wings.   846 total views, no views today

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