Drilling light holes in wingtips and wing finishing – 7/4/2017

Today we drilled the light holes in the wingtips.  We are using Aveoflash LED strobe wingtip lights and they provide you a pattern.   Made a new tail jack from a Harbor Freight Transmission jack. Also cleaned off the workbench, usually it is piled with stuff…           640 total views, no views…

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Wing wiring and Anti-compression sleeves – 6/25/217

We noticed that if you put the recommended torque of 60-70 inch lbs on the fuselage tube bolts, that they start to deform. We used a clamp to make them round again and created some anti compression sleeves for the bolts so that we could torque them. We did this with plastic tubes. We should…

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Picked up newly painted hull – 3/26/17

Our hull was finished being painted so we transported it home. Total cost for getting the hull painted was $3K. This involved a lot of labor as the hull needed a lot of filler work per the painter. This is the paint we used       682 total views, no views today

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Fuselage, 914 Root Tube – 3/19/17

Today we took the fuselage off the ceiling lift hooks. We ordered the stronger 914 Root Tube which is necessary for our 117HP engine.  It arrived with a ding on the corner, hopefully that is okay. Root tube comes in 3 parts that fit together. 616 total views, no views today

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Finish uncrating engine, put on lift cart – 1/16/17

Today we completely uncrated the engine and put it onto a hydraulic lift cart that we bought at Harbor Freight. As a review, this is an Aeromomentum AM15 117 HP 1.5 Liter upright aircraft conversion engine based on a Suzuki car engine. Powering up the engine The engine came with an UltraGauge OBDII engine information…

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